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With millions of people searching the internet through search engines for answers and solutions. Marketing on these search engines, namely PPC(Pay per click) becomes one of the pivotal and proven strategies for winning at online advertising. After dot com boom and over the years, Search Engine Marketing has evolved to become an essential and efficient advertising channel in successfully promoting business online. Being one of the leading Google Ads agency in Kochi – Diffrenz Business Solutions has decades of industry experience in curating and running campaigns. With the proven track record of increasing the ROI of online advertising campaigns, we are preferred by brands across India.


It is the uniqueness of every brand that gives it value, keeping this fact in consideration our team takes time to understand the dynamics of your business model and the preferred customer profile, which enables us to create efficient sales funnel and unique strategies for your PPC Campaigns. No matter whether you own a small business or a large global business, we are highly experienced experts in creating the right marketing strategies for your brand. With our decades of corporate level experience and success, we do highly focused keyword research and targeting for your business. We offer the most cost-effective solutions to drive more traffic with the right intention to your website.

What is PPC Management?

Pay Per Click Management is process of monitoring and optimizing the paid Google ad expenditure of the business. Since, Google dominates the global search engine market share with over 90 percent of all search queries worldwide being handled by the internet giant. PPC has become synonym for Paid Search Marketing service offered by Google, where advertisers only need to pay a money only when people click on an ad. PPC is considerably faster compared to SEO which brings organic traffic to the website. Being the one of the leading PPC experts in India, we have dedicated specialists with decades of experience in successfully managing PPC campaigns for corporates.

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