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Diffrenz Business Solutions has helped over 20 companies find new customers online and increase consumer loyalty. Below are some of our work, have to look at some of the results we've delivered.


Arjuna Natural - B2B

A natural extract company which is the world leader in Curcumin extract (Turmeric Extract) under the brand name BCM-95. They have multiple extracts, food ingredients and many such products.

SEO – We started with the website ranking on 1st rank only for 2 keywords. We identified 27 critical keywords in discussion with the customer. Currently, the site is ranking on 18 keywords in the 1st 3 ranks, out of which 8 of them are on number 1.

The LinkedIn campaign is being run intermittently to generate leads. The target audience has been pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in the US and Europe. Only the top management and purchase department is targeted. Other than this a direct LinkedIn contact extraction is also performed for direct contacts and email campaigns. This has resulted in a minimum of 30 to 40 leads being generated and given to the sales team.

Digital Marketing

Curegarden - Ecommerce B2C Health

This is a B2C health supplement site. When we started handling this account in March 2019, the site was more of an informational site and less of an Ecommerce site. Our first job was to convert the site into a fully transactional eCommerce site and increase sales. When we started the sales was in the region of 3.75 to 4 Lakhs a month.

We implemented these campaigns, Google Ads- Search, Shopping, Retargeting, Facebook Ads., Automated Email Campaigns, Manual email campaigns, Organic activities on Facebook and Instagram, Content marketing through 5 blogs a month, We started Omnichannel marketing by adding Amazon & Flipkart.

The result is that in September 2019, we doubled the sales from online channels of Sales. The target for the remaining part of the year seems to be on track.

Content Marketing

Hungrybrain - Ecommerce B2C - Parents

Hungrybrain provides Sensory Stimulation programs and products for babies. They have been struggling to get sales as it is extremely difficult to convince a parent to start teaching a baby from day 1. To overcome this, we restructured the entire website into an informative eCommerce site, which means that a parent was put through the learning curve of the benefits of Sensory Stimulation before making the actual purchase. This was done through content marketing and promotion of this content on Facebook.

Facebook ads for lead generation was also extensively used. In the first month of lead generation through Facebook 1634 leads were generated. It reached a stage where the Hungrybrain call centre was not able to handle more leads on a given day. It was found that almost 60% of these leads were relevant and from the right target audience.

The website was revamped and SEO and Facebook campaigns are continuing.

Brand Building

Parakkat jewels - Brand building & eCommerce

Parakkat Pearls and Jewels is a traditional 1 gm gold jewellers. Being traditional in terms of selling and marketing, venturing into Digital Marketing for them was a bit of extremes. But we started a campaign on Facebook which would increase the walk-ins to the branches through FB store visit campaigns. This was also supported by video campaigns on YouTube and Facebook.

The impressions exceed 20 Lakhs a month with almost 12 Lakhs people being reached. This increase brand awareness and walk-ins to the store. There were also enquiries regarding specific designs. We also ran a wedding campaign which gave 126 leads only for wedding-related bulk purchase.

Currently, we are in the process of developing an eCommerce site for them, which should be launched by mid-2020.

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